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Express VIP BUS E-Tickets [All Destinations]

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The best way to see major destinations in Myanmar with low budget !

*** Kindly mentioned day bus or night bus & passengers name  in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER BOX. Your card will not be debited before the ticket confirmation. Please allow up to next working day COB (MYANMAR TIME) for processing. Thank You!

 JJ Bus Schedule for Major Tourist Destinations ( 2019-2020)

*Yangon-Mandalay 0900-1800           ( Day Bus)

*Yangon-Mandalay 2100-0600+ 1day ( Night Bus)

*Yangon-Mandalay 2130-0630+ 1day ( Night Bus)

*Yangon-Bagan 2000-0600 + 1 day ( Night Bus) Seat 2+1

*Yangon-Bagan 2200-0680 + 1 day ( Night Bus) Seat 2+2

*Yangon- Kalaw/Nyaung Shwe/Inle/Taunggyi 1800-0600+1day (Night Bus)

*Mandalay-Yangon 0900-1800            (Day Bus)

*Mandalay-Yangon 2100-0600+ 1day (Night Bus)

*Mandalay-Yangon 2130-0630+ 1day (Night Bus)

*Bagan-Yangon 2000-0600+1day      (Night Bus) Seat 2+1

*Bagan-Yangon 2100-0700+1 day     (Night Bus) 2+1

*Taunggyi/Inle/Nyaung Shwe/Kalaw-Yangon 1700-0600+ 1 day (Night Bus)

*Mandalay-Taunggyi/Nyuang Shwe/Inle 2200-0600+1 day (Night Bus)

*Taunggyi/Nyuang Shwe/Inle-Mandalay 1900-0400+1 day (Night Bus)

*Bagan-Taunggyi/Nyuang Shwe/Inle 0830-1800 (Day Bus)

*Taunggyi/Nyuang Shwe/Inle- Bagan 1900-0400+1day (Night Bus)