Mergui Archipelago Package Tours

"Mergui Archipelago", the last remaining tropical paradise on Earth by National Geographic


Mergui Archipelago features more than 800 mostly unihabited islands throughout the Andaman Sea. The Archipelago is located off the coast between Myeik (Mergui) and Kawthaung (Victoria Point). Due to its virtual isolation, the islands and surrounding seas are alive with an amazing diversity of flora and fauna and beautiful underwater scenes and marine life. Mergui Archipelago is famous as a destination for activities such as diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, fishing and research. There are few islands left in the world as pristine and untouched as those in Mergui Archipelago.


There are many Island destinations in Mergui Archipelago. Kawthoung is one of the destination of Islands. We can do so many sea activities around Kawthoung area.

There are three main packages in Kawthoung. They are Snorkeling 4 islands hopping trip including heart shaped Cock’s Comb, Naung Oo Phee Luxuray overnight trip and Lampi Adventure Trip.

The Lumpi Island Marine National Park is a demarcated marine national park located in Lanbi Island Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar.The Moken see gypsy lived in Makyone Galet village in Lumpi area.The islands in lumpi area are sandy and virgin and we can explore in mangrove tree with Kayaks.

We can do the following activities,

  • -    Kawthoung & Ranoung City Tour
  • -    Lampi Island hopping Tour
  • -    Shark Island hopping Tour
  • -    Cock’s Comb Island Tour
  • -    Naung Oo Phee Island Tour
  • -    Macleod Island Tour
  • -    All Transportation Services from Pick up to Drop off Point
  • -    Hotel ( Two Sharing )
  • -    Meals ( Buffet Type ) [ Seafood, Vegatable, Meat, Soft Drink, PH7 ]
  • -    Tour Guide
  • -    Snorkeling equipments, life jacket.
What to Bring
  • -    ID Card or Passport
  • -    Shorts, T-shirt and your swimwear Sun block or sun tan lotion as you like
  • -    Your favorite hat and cool sunglasses
  • -    Camera (it would be nice with underwater housing for even more beautiful underwater photographing!)
***This program is subject to change without prior notice according to the weather and sea conditions




We got more than 800 beautiful islands in Mergui Archipelago. Most of the island are untouched and transparent water in bluish and light greenish shades, soft golden sand and other tropical plants bowing over itWe got more than 800 beautiful islands in Mergui Archipelago. Most of the island are untouched and transparent water in bluish and light greenish shades, soft golden sand and other tropical plants bowing over it. Our island day trip tours and island packages are from some of these exotic islands and will be worth coming.

Myeik is formerly known as Mergui, in colonial era. The local people call it Beik. Myeik is a beautiful port town of Andaman sea, in the center of Tanintharyi Division. Myeik is famous for its products such as pearl, rubber, edible bird's nest, dried fish, dried prawn and Ngapi (shrimp paste). Myeik will be the further gateway to the Mergui Archipelago as the Hotels and Restaurants in town already have a certain standard. Now a day, Mergui De Kitchen Restaurant is more popular with its delicious fresh seafood and great location.

Myeik can be reached by air from Yangon, Dawei and Kawthaung. It has road and sea connections.

Getting there

    • Yangon ⇔ Myeik
    • Flight(1hour), Bus(22hours)
    • Dawei ⇔ Myeik
    • Flight(45min), Bus(7hours), private car(6hours)
    • Myeik ⇔ Kawthaung
    • Flight(45min),  private car(12hours)
    • Myeik ⇔ Tanintharyi
    • private car(2hours), boat(5hours)


Flight Schedule of Myanmar National Airlines (UB)

Yangon to Myeik
(1) UB 303 0715-0810  
(2) UB 373 1200-1440 via VBP 
Myeik to Yangon
    (1) UB 304 0840- 0935 
    (2) UB 373 1510-1640 
    Myeik to Kawthaung
    (1) UB 335 1440-1525  

    Yangon to Kawthaung
    (1) 1100-1340 UB 315 via TVY
    (2) 1245-1525 UB 335 via MGZ

    Kawthaung to Yangon
    (1) UB 316 1410-1650  via TVY
    (2) UB 336 1555-1835  via MGZ

    Flight schedule of Air KBZ 
    Yangon to Kawthaung via Tavoy 
    K7 321 RGN-KAW 1305- 1545
    Kawthaung to Yangon via Tavoy
    K7 321 KAW-RGN 1600-1840
    Yangon to Tavoy 
    K7 321 RGN-TVY 1305-1415
    Tavoy to Yangon
    K7 321 TVY-RGN 1730-1840
    Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday 
      *TVY = Tavoy ( Dawei)
      *MGZ = Myeik
      *KAW = Kawthaung
      *VDP = Bokepyin 


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